Wonder! The movie

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Tonight, I watched a movie and I cried! I know most people would say “People cry cuz of movies all the time, so what’s the big deal?”

For me, it is a big deal. Even earned the nickname ‘hard heart’ one time because I wouldn’t shed a single tear when we saw the movie- Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson. Oya, start thinking I’m evil like that. Lol. 

So, some are probably asking, then what is so special about this movie? Well, I can’t really say, so why don’t I tell you the story. It really is a


Auggie Pullman is a ten year old boy born with a defect called Treacher-Collin syndrome; which affected his facial features and his physiological being. To survive, he had to undergo 27 surgeries; some to help him breathe, hear, see and most, to make him look better. 

Despite all these, he still looked ‘different’, which was a nice way of describing his seemingly horrific face. Because of this, his mum had to home school him till he turned ten, and she finally decided to enroll him at a normal school.

Let’s just say it didn’t go well. Everyone would stare at him, avoid him, or laugh at him. He was really miserable no matter how much he acted like it couldn’t get to him. He was a pretty smart kid though, especially in science subjects, and this earned him a new friend, Jack, after a while.

Unfortunately, their friendship had a few tumbles, but Auggie learned to stand up to his bullies and go through schooling with so much positivity. At their middle school graduation, he was given the Henry-Ward Beecher’s award for the most outstanding student, because his zest for life and perseverance was an inspiration to not just students, but teachers as well. 

Despite the threats, and someone photoshopping him out of their class picture with the caption: “do everyone a favor and die“, Auggie knew he had to keep living.  

His older sister, Via, is the most selfless person in the movie. She never got upset even though her brother got all the attention. Neither did she act out when she lost her best friend, Miranda. Her little brother was always an inspiration and she loved him, scars and all. 

To me, movies are meant to be entertaining and not to serve as a moral instruction class. But this particular movie made me realize that there are people who have got bigger problems than I do, yet they are still living. So, what’s my excuse for moping around?

I’m sure I don’t need to write philosophy or preach, the message is clear: Never give up! At the end, Auggie made a statement that goes “Everyone is fighting a hard battle, but if you want to see what people truly are, all you have to do is….. Look!”

Sweetheart, you really are a wonder.

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