Evolution: Chapter Three

Something hit my leg and brought me out of my reverie. It was a soccer ball, being chased by a group of half-naked kids. Their feet were spattered with mud but the happiness and innocence on their faces was what caught my attention.

Evolution: Chapter Two

“He’s competing against the likes of Chief Ikenna and the current Governor.”
“So, people would rather vote for chief Ikenna, someone who has served them for eight years in the senate with nothing to show for it, or reinstate a governor that has spent the past four years squandering their resources?” I was irritated at that moment.
He chuckled silently. “That’s the power of money my dear.”

Evolution: Chapter One

I started making mental plans of my miserable two-month stay in Asaba. I had no friends over there, and I wondered what I was going to do that year to pass the time. I wasn’t born or raised in America, but circumstances made us immigrants,