The Other Side Of the Hill

Father picked up his spear. It was resting on the wall of the log cabin. “But they’re my Okazi. I need to respond to them in this time of need.”
“So, they’re your brethren, but they chased you out of their village when they saw your blue-eyed child?” Mother sneered.

Boyfriend For Hire: Chapter Fifteen

“And that’s my daughter, Anthonia.”

Luke extended a hand to her with a smile. “Ha, the lovely Anthonia. I’ve heard so much about you, I feel like I know you already.”

“Yet, I’ve heard almost nothing about you.” She responded before taking the extended hand.

Boyfriend For Hire: Chapter Fourteen

The car I brought is his. You are welcome to check the papers.”

“Could have been rented and forged.” She tackled me.

“Dotun brought his bag out of the car trunk. His things are in there.”

“Anyone can buy a duffel bag and fill it with men’s clothes.” She popped a shrimp in her mouth, while giving me an evil smile.

“I can call him and make him speak to everyone right now.”

“Probably an arrangement with…”

“Miss Donnie, you have a visitor.” One of the resort’s attendant interrupted Tonia’s tirade.
I turned to look at the attendant. He was staring at me.

“I’m sorry, you said what?”

“You have a visitor. He’s waiting right outside the door.” He gestured at the glass doors of the dining room.

I wiped my mouth with a napkin. “Who is it?”

Boyfriend For Hire: Chapter Thirteen

“So, are you an Oxford graduate?”

“Princeton actually. First and second degree in Business management. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but my parents wanted the best for me, so I didn’t complain.”

I gawked like a fish, opening my mouth and closing it. “You’re an Ivy League graduate? Holy Shit.”

“Aunty Deola please don’t swear. And since when did shit become holy?” Dotun piped from the backseat.

Boyfriend For Hire : Chapter Twelve

He sighed loudly before dignifying my curiosity with a response. “It’s Ebhojie.”

“And what’s so difficult about that, I mean, it’s not like….” I suddenly caught sight of the signed form on the open file beside me on the bed. “Wait a minute, you are related to the owners of the African Oasis?”

“Yes” His voice was almost a whisper, but I could hear him clearly.

A lot of things suddenly made sense