Movies: How I Rate Them

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Movies: How I Rate Them

I wasn’t particularly a movie person, probably because I preferred curling under a blanket with a hot steamy romance novel, than watching people shoot themselves. Yeah, I grew up with brothers who loved action and horror movies; the sight of blood and carnage seemed to egg them on, and they pretended to live vicariously through their onscreen heroes.

I remember what changed everything. It was this particular movie that I’d once read the book – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone. Being a book geek meant that I had already read all the Harry Potter books, so I was eager to see what they would make out of it in a movie. Well, let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed, not totally; and then I became hooked. 

I discovered all my favorite movies had a particular pattern, it was like they all had something in common. They had something that wasn’t ephemeral; all the stories stuck to me and left  lasting impressions. For me to accept and put a movie on my movie Playlist, it must have some of the following qualities:

Must be Funny:

Gosh! I hate dry and depressing movies, especially when it’s not even based on a true story. I mean, is your imagination that dry? If a movie cannot make me laugh, then forget it, it’s not for me. Take Teen Wolf for example, who doesn’t love Stiles? His wit, sense of humour, sarcasm, and endearing attitude were the perfect combination of humour. Life’s too serious for me to get depressed throughout the whole 90-120 minutes of a movie.

Should be Emotional:

Here, I’ll admit to being a total girl. I love me some good cry, just bring out the emotional and human side of me. I want to feel what that character is feeling, I want to empathise with them. Look at Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ, or When they See us. Oh, and my favorite movie: Wonder! I cried like the total baby I used to be when I saw those three movies, and it was fantastic.

Have some Chemistry:

Yes, it’s not a cheesy romantic movie, but the characters should not be a pile of wood either. Show some spark, let the chemistry build itself gradually. Gosh, I loved Ezra and Aria’s chemistry in Pretty Little Liars. I totally developed a huge crush on Ian Harding; the guy who played Ezra. Sue me! I also loved the gentle spark Mary and Francis had in Reign. And the king of the all, (I’m probably partial because Tyler Hoechlin is my secret crush), the movie:

Can you keep a secret?

Give me Suspense:

When I mean suspense, I don’t mean Zeeworld kind of suspense; that’s just plain ridiculous and unrealistic. I want the kind of suspense I was placed on when I used to follow How to Get Away With Murder. That show totally raised my blood pressure. Also, I know I want suspense, but don’t kill me while trying to achieve it. 

Oh, I’m also a sucker for musicals, tragedies, action, supernatural, and animations. Yes! At my age, I still love cartoons; you need to see me shouting ‘aye aye captain’ whenever SpongeBob comes on. So, that’s just how I rate my movies.

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