Meet Our Winners!

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Yay! Who’s glad to see the end of the Boyfriend For Hire Lockdown Challenge? I know I am. Running a competition, even with the help of two competent judges is not so easy.

Without further ado, we present to you, the top five winners of this challenge.

Remember! Winner one gets 10k, winner 2 gets 5k, winner 3 gets 3k, and winners 4&5 get 2k each.

So, in first place, with a total score of 99%, we have contestant 7, Emoghene Abigail.

In second place, with a total score of 91%, we have contestant 11, Ezeigbo Franklin.

In third place, with a total score of 62%, we have contestant 6, Ethel Gianna Egbe.

In fourth place, with a total score of 58%, we have contestant 12, Charles Kingsley.

And in fifth place, with a total score of 52%, we have contestant 3, Aladetan Adedeji.

So, meet the new faces of Bea’s Aloe

We want to appreciate our sponsors, anonymous ones and none anonymous. Thank you for doing this with us.

For all participants, thank you for trying out this challenge. You are all winners.

Thank you judges

Thank you readers

Thank you voters.

We love ♥ you!

Bea’s Aloe.


  1. Nice one dearest!
    Great move!
    Thank you for the innovative move… Keep on inspiring your readers and keep on writing great stories!
    God bless you real good!!!

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