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When Is greed actually going to end in Our Society?

Wondering about some of the greedy activities I have seen people Engage themselves in, it makes me doubt if greed would ever fade off Our Society.

There’s this building My friend stays in, I do visit the place, and there’s a family staying in one of the apartments there. They have twins, very cute twins actually. Slightly fair Complexion, with their lovely smiles and dimples, complimented with nice skin!

I noticed one was rarely at home. They are around the age of 16-17. I asked about her, and was told she has gone to her Husband’s place! Whaaat? Husband? When I can’t even pay a comfortable visit to my boyfriend at my age! Weird!

My curiosity didn’t allow me rest! I had to probe further. I was told the Father had asked these little girls to go get rich husbands! Funny, these Children weren’t even done with Secondary school! They should be in Ss2! And their Dad is asking for a husband? Ah!

After much inquiry, I was told the man has even been asking the other twin at home to make friends with the new guy in the building. Apparently, the new neighbour has money. Yes! That’s how big a person’s greed can get. In my own perspective, that Man doesn’t mind selling off those beautiful Kids Just because of his own Selfish Gains or whatever!

A lot of Girls are on the streets Because their Parents wanna be! Some are on the streets because they want to be! It’s very annoying to me actually. How a girl would do anything, just to get a phone that wouldn’t last forever! People go about taking what is not for them because they want to belong!

A thief was caught around December 23rd in a parish’s Adoration Chapel. And after lots of interrogation, he said he was Hustling for money to spend in the Village! Like really! January to December u didn’t work? Only to start Stealing from the church to go oppress others in the village?

Besides, in the bid to make loads of cash, an average Nigerian boy thinks Education is a scam. Everybody wants to go overseas by force. 😳 Where are We heading to? Who’s going to talk to us about reducing our crave for materials and money?

Even the church is exceptional. You will see a church member who can’t afford #1500 school fees at a time, work hard, pay tithe, and his tithe will be used to build schools his children can not attend. Churches keep springing up like water from the Ocean and the wave of Evil, greed is as that of water from The sea?

Who would Correct the sad impression? Do we have families and Churches of the old? Do we have those that think there’s dignity in Labour? Those who think Greed is evil? I’ll be glad to get a feedback from you! Thank you!

©Baecca Ose 2019


Becca is a friend to our blog. Her articles are lovely and we just had to feature one of them.


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