Wonder! The movie

Auggie Pullman is a ten year old boy born with a defect called Treacher-Collin syndrome; which affected his facial features and his physiological being. To survive, he had to undergo 27 surgeries; some to help him breathe, hear, see and most, to make him look better.


Narrating Thriller video from my perspective. So, if I were the girl Michael Jackson took on a date in the … More

Boys Too?

According to available statistics, close family members and neighbours are most likely to be abusive to boys (their sons, siblings, nephews etc.) Some of them blame the act on things they see on the TV, read in magazines or websites; things they hear their friends talk about, etc.

A ‘lil’ help

I have noticed this new far-away look on you for a while now. Is everything okay? Is Leslie giving you trouble?” The older man asked.

“Hmm Dad. I don’t know what to do anymore. I swear, I don’t. I am so lost and confused, what does she want?” Kane rambled.

Miss Black

Snap! Something seemed to jump out in front of her. She shook her head to be sure she wasn’t crazy, for in front of her were two miniature versions of herself, one in white, the other in black.

“You’re right, you know? Nobody does want you. I mean, even your mother just said so indirectly.