Boyfriend For Hire:Chapter Sixteen

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Luke’s arm was around my shoulder as we walked to our room after dinner. Aunty Teju assigned rooms, and she placed Luke and I together, after putting Ben and Tonia together, Peter and Nene, Femi, Dolapo, and Dotun together, while Amira stayed alone. She was ill a bit, so she missed dinner.

“So…” He started.

“So what?” I raised my head to look at him.

“Where’s my thank you for saving you?”

I shrugged his arm of my body and took a step back. “Saving me from what?”

“From whom actually. I saved you from the snapping jaws of your sister. As pretty as she is, she is also quite vicious. Like a siren.”

I folded my arms across my chest. “You think Anthonia is pretty?”

He mirrored my stance, albeit less foreful. “Of course. Don’t you think so?” he gave me a little smirk as he asked.

I stared at him for a while before nodding. “Pretty people belong together. You should probably ask her out.”

I think I’m jealous. I dropped my arms and proceeded down the hallway to our assigned room. I was going to leave him stranded in the hallway, maybe if he got lost, he would wander to Tonia’s door for a bit of reprieve from the strenuous wandering.

“Hey wait up.” He called after me before catching up with me in two long-legged strides. “So, you think I’m cute?”

I snorted but didn’t stop walking. “I said pretty, not cute.”

“Same difference.” He waved my answer away with nonchalance. 

“Stop bothering me please Luke.”

He was silent after that. Thank goodness. I was seething inside me. How dare he say Tonia was pretty? I wanted a fight and I was angry he wasn’t going to give me one, but I wasn’t known for giving up.

When we entered the room, I paused to take in the interior. We were standing in a makeshift living room, with a video game console attached to the visual and audio electronic gadgets. I padded on the soft rug to the bedroom space, and I was wowed. The bed was large and filled with soft looking pillows. A locked door signified the bathroom was by the left, while an opened door showed us the breezy balcony.

He whistled softly as he looked around the room. “Maybe I should steal this idea for our new motels. You know, attaching consoles to TV.”

I froze before turning around to glare at him, but he was giving me a cheeky smile. “You want to steal our resort’s idea? What next? Your hospitality company will start building resorts too?”

He laughed. The cow actually had the audacity to laugh. Ugh! “Calm down Donnie. First, we don’t plan on building resorts anytime soon. Our hotels already have resorts attached to them. Secondly, all businesses have their individual niches. We won’t be stealing yours.”

His answer was satisfying but I just wanted to fight. Wait, why was I so pissed? He called Tonia pretty, but was that enough for me to be so mad? “Whatever.”

He stopped smiling. “Are you angry with me? I’m sorry. I was just joking about stealing the ideas.”

“No, that’s not the problem.”

“Then what is?” He came closer to me, while I took a step back unconsciously.

“What was that at dinner? Why were you attacking Femi like that?” I wasn’t even angry about that initially.

He looked stumped for a moment, confusion written on his face as clear as day. “Wait, what?”

“Were you trying out some man-pissing contest with me? And why in God’s name wee you comparing me to a goddamn video game? You can fight Femi all you want, but keep me out of it.”

I was breathing heavily when I finished my nanosecond rant all in one swift breath. Luke stood looking at me, his face impassive, and devoid of any form of emotion. It was just blank, and quite frankly, scary. He didn’t say anything, but suddenly turned around and started walking towards the wardrobe without giving me a second glance.

Wait, that wasn’t part of the scripts. I walked after me. “I am talking to you.”

He ignored me.

I touched him as he brought out his duffel bag from the wardrobe. The porters had thankfully placed our bags in our respective rooms before dinner. “Hello? I am speaking to you.”

He suddenly jerked around, startling me. “Are you sure? Because it feels like you’re egging for a fight, and I am not in the mood to give you one. Why are you acting like a petulant child?”

Ouch! I was silent.

He suddenly looked weary. Poor Luke! The guy had been working all day, and he came this far for me, yet I was giving him attitude. I was about to apologize when a sharp pain had me doubling over.

“Ow.” I cried out. My tummy was hurting.

He didn’t hesitate before coming over to me. “Dee! Baby, are you okay?”

I will address the baby title and scream for joy later, but right now, I had to deal with the cramps. “I think my period came early.”

He straightened up, gave me an embarrassed smile, while scratching his head absent mindedly. “Well, that explains a lot.”

I gave him a jab in his midsection. He hunched over and rubbed his belly softly. “Damn woman! Are you always this violent at your time of the month?”

I rolled my eyes and gave him no answer. I moved to the wardrobe and started rummaging through my bag. Thank heavens I prepared for the period by packing my sanitary pad.

“What are you doing?” he asked me.

“Swimming.” I rolled my eyes again. “What does it look like, genius?”

“That wasn’t what I was asking. I meant if you’re in pain, shouldn’t you take pills or have me massage you with something warm? I used to do that for Esme during hers.” 

I think I just died and went to heaven. Staring at me with those soulful eyes, I suddenly realized what a huge catch Luke Imade Ebhojie was. 

He waved a hand in my face. “Hello? Earth to Donnie.”

I shook my head. “Sorry, I was lost in thoughts for a minute there. I’ll go and freshen up now. When I am ready to sleep, I’ll take you up on that offer.”

He stepped back for me to pass. “Alright dear.”

My hand on the bathroom door knob, I stopped and turned to look at his beautiful face. “Just so you know…”


“I’m just as pretty as Tonia.”

His laugh followed me into the bathroom as I went to freshen up.


“Oh, that feels so good.” I moaned as Luke’s magical fingers worked wonders on my lower back.

We just returned from the patio after watching videos with the rest of the crew. I was lying with my face down on the bed, while Luke kneeled beside me, working magic on my body with an ointment he went to get from Aunty Teju by himself.

He chuckled softly, but his voice sounded thicker. “I’m glad.”

I was delirious with happiness and contentment, I could have promised to sell Dotun to Egypt at that moment. “Luke?” I called out.

Without missing a stroke, he answered. “Yes baby?”

My heart made a thump again. Luke was going to kill me. “Did you go to a kissing school?”

His hands stopped moving and I whined in complaint. He promptly continued my massage. “What?”

“You’re such a great kisser. I wouldn’t put it past you to have attended a kissing school for rich handsome heirs.” My mouth was definitely running. The girl in the video that called me a big mouth was actually right.

Not surprisingly, Luke started laughing, and the amusement was obvious. “I’m flattered you think I’m good. I think you’re awesome too.”

I blushed and silently thanked God he couldn’t see my face at that moment. He finally finished my massage and I thanked him. I pulled my tank top down, seeing as it was initially raised for the back massage, while Luke set the ointment on the bedside table.

“Will you hold me as I sleep?” I asked him.

He smiled warmly, extended an arm for me, and I snuggled into the cuddle like a cat. He stretched his other hand to switch off the light from the light switch on the wall by his side of the bed.

“Luke?” I called out some moments later.

His voice was heavier when he responded “Hmm?”

“Thank you for coming.” I whispered.

He his hand tightened around my midriff without a response. I almost thought he didn’t hear me when his sleepy voice came to me.

“You’re welcome baby.”

Wow! Isn’t Luke so sweet? 😍😍

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