Boyfriend For Hire: Chapter Fourteen

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Dotun and I were silent through the rest of the journey to the resort. He knew I needed space, and being the perceptive brother he was, he gave me the chance to revel in my solitude. It was already way past 5pm by the time we finally eased the car into the reserved parking lot at the resort.

What I saw when I got there made me smile a bit. Right there at the entrance to the main resort building, my friends were chatting with my Dad, Amira, and aunty. And the icing on the cake; Tonia and Ben were standing with their luggage still with them.

“I think she tried to make a grand entrance, unfortunately, due to our delay, she couldn’t pepper you.” Dotun voiced out what was going through my mind.

I laughed because I knew how pained Tonia would have been when she realized I wasn’t there yet. “Well, why not let’s make our own grand entrance?”

Dotun skillfully parked the car, revved it a few times to get everyone’s attention, and finally switched off the ignition. I gave him a fist bump; I’m petty and childish, sue me!

“So, good luck sis.” He gave me one last smile before opening the door and stepping out of the car.

I looked at my attire and silently sent a prayer of gratitude to Luke’s sister. I was wearing a mini jumpsuit made with blue Ankara material. My earrings were made from the same ankara material, and I knew I looked good; probably for the first time in my life. To finish it off, I wore black suede ankle boots; I could barely walk in them, but I’ll survive.

I sighed. “Time to face the tiger Donnie.”

I stepped out of the car, posed to stare at all the people currently hugging and patting Dotun, and slowly raised my sunglasses away from my eyes to my forehead. I’m such a drama Queen.

“Adeola!” Dad called out to me with his arms wide open.

“Daddy!” I shouted.

I missed him, and I was glad to see him again. Unfortunately, I could barely make a graceful run in the heeled ankle boots I was wearing, but I managed to waddle to him without humiliating myself with a fall.

I fell into an embrace with him, absorbing his warmth and comforting scent. “I missed you daddy.”

He pulled back to look at me. “Yet, you couldn’t call your old man to see how he’s doing.”

I pouted playfully. “I’m sorry Daddy. I knew aunty Teju was taking care of you, and I had nothing to worry about.”

He chuckled generously and pushed me into aunty Teju’s waiting arms. “See my beautiful grown up Donatella oh. Haha, you look ravishing. You look absolutely girly. Kilode?”

“Come on aunty. Stop teasing me so much.”

“If I don’t do it, who will?”

She released me from her embrace and subtly pushed me towards Tonia and an awkward looking Ben, but I also subtly turned to look at my friends instead.

“Femi, when did you guys get here?”
Femi pulled me into a hug, before finally passing me to Dolapo. “Not too long ago. Dolapo wouldn’t let us rest until we left Lake Estate.”

I smacked Dolapo on the arm. “You’re so annoying. You know that, right?”

He only smiled and said nothing. I faced Peter and Nene, pulled Nene into a hug, and gave Peter a cheeky grin.

“Nene dear, you look so beautiful. I just love this crop top, who’s your vendor?”

“It’s King Emporium oh. They did me well.”

It was Amira’s turn. She was aunty Teju’s niece but she was more like a daughter to her. “Oh Mira, how have you been?”

“Donnie Donnie. My favorite architect. See as you fine. You dey chop money oh. See the kind big car you dey drive. Show me the way now.

By the way, Amira was an expert at whining people. “You don start this your nonsense again abi? Abeg abeg, make we hear word.”

I finally faced Anthonia and her boo. She was looking stylish in her high-waisted white shorts, white bikini top, and a black kimono. She was sporting one of those expensive wigs with lace frontal, with her lips painted blood red. Beside her, Ben looked like the idiot he was.

I offered her a handshake, seeing as there was no way in hell I would ever hug that Ice Queen. “Hey Tonia. How are you doing?”

She gave me a feline smile before taking my offered hand in her perfectly manicured hand. “Oh you know, traveling around the country for gigs, being popular, and trying to fit into babe’s life and schedule. Right babe?” She turned to ask her boo.

Ben smiled, but it was barely genuine. “Of course. How are you doing Donnie? Been a while.”

I retracted my hand from Tonia’s. “I’m really good. And you?”

“I’ve seen better days.” He said to me, but Tonia cleared her throat and he snapped his mouth shut. Poor guy!

Dotun was huffing and puffing as he dragged my bags and his out of the trunk.

“Hey D. Please bring Luke’s bag out too, I don’t want to stress him when he arrives.” I called out to Dotun loudly.

Peter sniggered beside me, but I gave him a hard look to quell his amusement.

“Speaking of Luke, where’s your fiancé Adeola?” Dad asked me.

“Yes Tella! Where’s the mystery man? Is he taking a siesta in the backseat?” Tonia gave me another catty smile as she dropped her input.

Ugh! Tella! I hated that nickname.
“He got called to work for an emergency. He couldn’t postpone it, but he’ll be here first thing tomorrow morning.”

Tonia snickered at me with a patronizing smile. “Oh, chefs have emergencies?”

“Luke is the head chef of a five star hotel. He gets emergencies all the time Anthonia dear.” Dolapo came to my defence and I shot him a grateful smile.

“I hope he won’t make this a habit whenever it’s time to meet your family.” Aunty Teju admonished.

I decided to lead the topic to a safer ground. “Where are uncle David and aunty Seyi?”

“Oh, your uncle is down with malaria, so your aunty decided to stay back at home with him. And you know how rambunctious your cousins are. Since their parents weren’t coming, they decided not to show up.”

“Oh. I’ll call uncle to say hi later then.”

Aunty Teju grabbed my hand and started leading me inside the resort. “Come everyone. Let’s settle down before dinner starts.”

“Sweetheart, anyone can buy a ring for themselves. Having an engagement ring proves nothing.” Tonia’s catty voice spoke to me loudly over the din of other people’s conversations at dinner that night.

Since dinner started, she had been verbally assaulting me with sweet nicknames and veiled insults. She also didn’t hesitate to rub her happiness with Ben in my face, as they fed each other and pecked each other. I almost vomited my dinner, just by watching the two idiots.

“You don’t have to believe me Tonia. Your opinion doesn’t really matter.”

“Adeola!” Dad scolded me.

Tonia pouted and gave a sad face immediately. “Donnie, why can’t you ever be nice to me? It’s been years, come on sister.”

“I’m sorry about her pettiness Tonia dear. Adeola say sorry to your sister.” Dad gave me a stern look.

I was boiling. No! I was fuming with anger. How did that ant manage to twist everything so fast? I was going to tell Dad I was not going to apologize but someone took my hand beneath the table and squeezed it affectionately. I turned to see Femi giving me a supportive smile, and my anger was swept away immediately.

I stared at the she-devil and gave a meek expression. “I’m sorry.”

She gave a smug smile in return. “No problem sis”

“Why were you snapping at your sister though?” Dad asked me.

I suddenly lost my appetite, and the food in front of me suddenly looked repulsive. “Anthonia doesn’t believe I have a fiancé.”

She scoffed. “Oh come on, I didn’t put it that way. I’m just saying dear uncle Daniel here will be heartbroken if he discovers that you’ve made up an inexistent fiancé for some reason.”

My Dad looked at Tonia with soft eyes and a touching smile. Apparently, he was moved because darling Tonia was looking out for his heart.

“The car I brought is his. You are welcome to check the papers.”

“Could have been rented and forged.” She tackled me.

“Dotun brought his bag out of the car trunk. His things are in there.”

“Anyone can buy a duffel bag and fill it with men’s clothes.” She popped a shrimp in her mouth, while giving me an evil smile.

“I can call him and make him speak to everyone right now.”

“Probably an arrangement with…”

“Miss Donnie, you have a visitor.” One of the resort’s attendant interrupted Tonia’s tirade.

I turned to look at the attendant. He was staring at me.

“I’m sorry, you said what?”

“You have a visitor. He’s waiting right outside the door.” He gestured at the glass doors of the dining room.

I wiped my mouth with a napkin. “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” A voice that keeps me awake at night said, as Luke came into the dining hall, looking sinfully handsome in black slacks, white shirt with rolled up sleeves, a black waist coat, and he was holding his blazer.

“Luke!” I exclaimed.

I pulled my chair back, stood up, and launched myself into his arms. I was so glad to see him, that I didn’t know when I pulled him for a kiss.

Uh-oh! I’m kissing Luke. check this out. One of my short stories. I promise you won’t regret it.

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