Boyfriend For Hire: Chapter Fifteen

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Uh-oh, I was kissing Luke!

I was about to pull back, but his arm slowly circled my waist and pulled me closer to him, immediately he got over his initial shock. He nibbled on my lower lip and I graciously allowed him access to my tongue. I’m such a generous kisser. I didn’t want to admit it but Luke was such an awesome kisser. He probably learned it at a kissing school somewhere.

He eased me away from his embrace slowly, but we didn’t stop staring at each other, and it felt like no one else was in the room, except us. Gosh, his lips looked so soft. Can I kiss him again?

Before I could act on it again, someone cleared their throat behind us, and I slowly turned around to see the occupants of the dining table staring at us with different expressions. Aunty Teju, Peter, and Nene looked like they won the lottery. You would think they were the ones getting kissed by Luke and not me.

Femi, Tonia, and Ben looked like they swallowed a raw snake, because their expressions ranged from surprise to anger and then to looking constipated.

Dad and Dolapo were stoic, I could barely decipher what was going on behind their inexpressive eyes. Dotun on the other hand wasn’t even looking up, seeing as he was stealing pieces of meat from the platter of asun in the middle of table, while everyone else was distracted.

“Dad, Aunty, meet my fiancé, Luke…”

“…Ebhojie.” Luke interrupted my introduction.

I raised my head to look at him, but he merely smiled and gave me a wink in return. What was he doing? The plan was to not mention his real name, so that he can continue keeping his anonymity scheme. Seemed he changed his mind on a lot of things.

Aunty Teju was out of her seat in the twinkle of an eye, coming towards Luke and I with a huge grin gracing her equally blood red lips. Mother and daughter favored that color, it would seem. She engulfed him in a hug, and he had to stoop slightly, okay a lot, before they were at the same level. Aunty Teju was a short woman. Don’t say you heard it from me.

“Oh, it’s so good to finally meet you. I’m so glad you could make it. Although your darling here told us you would not be here until tomorrow morning.” She released him from her bone crushing hug.

He gave her one of his charming smiles. “Yes ma’am, but the emergency was resolved on time, and I knew I couldn’t spend a night away from my baby.” He smiled and drew me closer to him.

Aunty Teju clasped her hands together and started gushing. “You’re so adorable. Don’t call me ma’am please. It makes me feel so old. Aunty Teju will do. Come, meet my husband and Donatella’s father.”

Trust Aunty Teju to hijack my introductions and fiancé. She led Luke forward towards Dad, where the latter was looking impassive on his seat. “Luke dear, this is Daniel Adegboye, your father-in-law to be.”

Dad stretched a hand towards Luke. Luke bent a bit, and shook the hand in a firm grip. “Ebhojie? By chance, are you related to the family that owns the African Oasis hospitality business?”

“Yes sir. I just took over the reins of leadership a few months back.” Luke was trying to look meek, but it didn’t suit his usual arrogant exterior.

Dad looked impressed but he tried to cover it up by looking unaffected. The icing on the cake was the gaping look Tonia kept giving him. Sweet Jesus, I love you.

“I thought the new heir of the company was Imade Ebhojie, and not a supposed chef of a five star hotel.” Tonia managed to steal the spotlight with her sultry voice, and angelic smile. Oh, I hate that cat.

Luke turned to look at her while Aunty Teju made the introductions as she returned to her seat. “And that’s my daughter, Anthonia.”

Luke extended a hand to her with a smile. “Ha, the lovely Anthonia. I’ve heard so much about you, I feel like I know you already.”

“Yet, I’ve heard almost nothing about you.” She responded before taking the extended hand.

I drew Luke away from her and led him to the seat that Peter secretly vacated beside me. I was sitting between Peter and Femi before, but nice Peter decided to give Luke his own seat.

“Well, I’m generally a private person.” Luke answered Tonia.

“Is that why you’re Luke, but the real heir is called Imade?”

Luke’s smile didn’t waver. “I’m sure you must have heard about people with middle names.” He turned to look at me. “Hey babe, your middle name is Donatella, while your first name is Adeola, right?”

I was so happy, I couldn’t be bothered with hiding my triumphant grin. “Of course. I’m pretty sure everyone at this table can produce their middle names. It shouldn’t be a strange phenomenon to people that are smart.”

Tonia was seething, but she managed to give a smile that was as fake as her foam bra. “Very convenient.”

“Oh, you don’t have to take my word for it. Google is your friend, use it. If you don’t know how to, you can ask anyone to help you google Luke Imade Ebhojie, and see whose picture will pop up.” Luke gave her a matching fake smile.

I think I’m in love with Luke. That was epic! Somebody subtly putting Tonia in her place.

“Then why was she telling my mum you are a chef?” Another thing about Tonia, she never gives up.

Luke sighed and I rubbed his tense shoulders generously. He turned to smile at me, and gave me a quick peck on the lips. Take that Tonia!

“I wasn’t the face of our company, not until my father died a few months ago. I wanted workers and friends that would love me for me, and not for my family’s name and wealth, so I pretended to be a chef. Most of my workers don’t know what I look like, so the subterfuge was easy. This was how I met your beautiful, smart, and audacious sister. Never met anyone with her kind of sassy energy.”

Dad snorted. “That’s Deola for you.”

I smiled at him fondly, while Luke continued his monologue. “She became my friend, and gradually became my girlfriend. We didn’t date long before I asked her to be mine forever. So, I told her about the real me, and she was gracious enough to forgive the lie.”

Aunty Teju and Nene were sniffing and wiping fake tears from their eyes. “That’s so beautiful.”

“And romantic.” Nene added.

Peter chose that moment to remind us he was at the table too. “Well, I’ve always known. I tried to tell Donnie here, but she was too in love.”

“That’s because Luke told us the truth when we were playing fifa at his place one day like that. Right, Femi?” Dolapo threw a wink at Femi and I.

Femi’s expression wasn’t the least bit pleasant, but he managed to offer a smile. “Of course. Unfortunately, Luke is such a terrible player. I kept winning him in the game because I’ve been playing it longer than he has.”

Luke gave Femi a hard smile in return. “Ha Femi! But you know it’s not always about who’s been playing it the longest. It’s about who can handle the game the most. Trust me, I’ll soon be winning.”

“I know the in and out of this particular game. I know everything there is to know about it. The game even prefers me handling the joystick.” Femi was fully facing Luke now, and I was in between them.

“Yet, when trouble came, the game chose me and not you. Doesn’t that say something to you?” Luke gave him back.

Dotun thankfully cut in. “Are we still talking about games or is there something else going on?” The poor guy looked confused.

Dolapo looked pleased for some reason. “Ha, it’s satire my dear Dotun.”

“What’s satirical about this?” Luke asked him.

“And You’re supposed to be a graduate.” Ben snorted.

Luke turned to look at him without a smile. “Yes. First and second degree from Princeton. And you?”

Ben looked surprised, and he decided to keep quiet, but Peter was a wicked soul.

“Oh, he attended a great Nigerian University. The almighty Delta State University. Na Bendel Ivy League school oh.”

Luke’s smile was mocking. “Well, isn’t that wonderful?”

Oh, I loved dinner.

Lol, who else wishes they were at this dinner? I know I do. So, keyboard is working again, expect an update soon enough.



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