Boyfriend For Hire: Bonus Chapter

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My phone rang beside me that evening, as I was contemplating all that happened at Dinner. The shower was running, so I knew Luke was still busy bathing like a girl. I picked up the loud gadget moping beside me, and I discovered it was Beatrice calling. Beatrice was the one writing my story for people to read.

I swiped the screen and placed the phone to my ear. “Hey Bea’s Aloe, what’s up?

“Don Don”

I scowled at the silly nickname Luke gave me. “If you don’t want me to fire you from writing my biography, I’ll advise you to drop that terrible nickname.”

She laughed instead. Silly girl. “Oya, I’m sorry now. Good evening.”

I sighed and decided to lay down on the bed. “Good evening Bea.”

“How’s the family vacation thingy going?”

I groaned. “Don’t ask.”

Beatrice chuckled. “Then, I probably shouldn’t tell you why I called.”

My ears pricked up with that statement. Beatrice never called unless it was important. “Oh no, please tell me. What’s up?”

“Well, it shouldn’t be news to you that people actually enjoy your story. By the way don’t forget to send me a voice note about the rest of dinner, people need chapter 15.”

I rolled my eyes at her, unfortunately, she couldn’t see me. “So needy. You should probably date Dolapo. You suit each other. Come on, tell me what you wanted to say.”

I could hear her gagging on the other end of the line. “Dolapo? Ew! Anyway, I ran a contest for people, and they were supposed to make a one minute video about your story in the most creative way they could imagine.”

I was actually impressed. “Wow, that’s nice. So, who won?”

“We had 12 contestants, and five top winners. If you’re interested in seeing what they said about you, you should probably check your email. I sent you the videos, and the pictures of the winners. Check it out and let me know what you think.”

Before I could respond, Luke walked out of the bathroom with only a towel tied around his waist. Seeing his abs, and the V-line around his lower hips, I completely forgot I was on a call with someone.

Beatrice was speaking to me on the phone, but I was staring at the man looking through his things in the wardrobe. “Donnie, are you even listening to me?”

I suddenly jolted out of my naughty thoughts. Trust me, you guys don’t want to know what they were. “Sorry, something distracted me.”

Luke turned at that moment to look at me and give me one of those panty melting smiles.

“Just check your mail, and get back to me when you’re done.” Beatrice sighed before talking.

“Okay Bea.”

“Bye Donnie.”

“See ya.”

The call ended, and I quickly sat up from the bed. I needed to distract myself before I did something stupid with Luke. I picked my laptop from its position on the table in the room.

“Hey Luke?”

“Hmm?” he answered while putting on a shirt to cover his shirtless glory.

“I’ll be right back. I just want to check out some videos Bea sent me outside.”

He was done wearing his shirt, and he started pulling on shorts. “Wait a bit, I’ll go with you.”

I threw my head back and groaned silently. I was trying to avoid him, and he was making it impossible. I couldn’t say no to him without a tangible reason. When he was done with his shorts, he came towards me with a smile, offering me his arm.

“Lead the way milady.”

I just smiled and shook my head. “Dork.”

He gave me a wink in response, and we walked out of the room. We walked to the patio in silence, but I was surprised to see Peter, Femi, Dolapo, and Dotun sitting around a table by the patio.

“Hey guys, what are you doing out here?” I asked no one in particular.

“Same as you sis. Came out for the fresh air.” Dotun answered.

Luke pulled out a seat for me around the table, I thanked him before sitting down. “And no one invited me?”

“Do you see Nene here? Each of us came out on our own and we met one another here.” Femi answered, and his response sounded like he was angry.

“Why do you have your laptop though? Don’t tell me you want to work on vacation.”

I shook my head. “Beatrice sent me some videos. Want to check them out with me?”

Peter moved his seat closer to mine, and started stretching his neck. “Hey, don’t leave me out.”

I rolled my eyes instead. I placed the laptop on the table, switched it on, and waited it for it to boot. Once it was ready, I connected to the resort’s wi-fi, and went to my mail. I saw the videos from Beatrice, and I started playing the first one, with the title ‘contestant one.’

“What’s this about?” Luke asked, after the video started playing.

I looked at the really cute young guy on screen before answering him. “A competition Bea threw for her readers. They are to tell my story in a creative way.”

Dolapo smiled and winked at me. “I know I’ll be there. I’m the most important man in your life.”

Femi snorted but didn’t say anything until the video ended. “Why was he reading from something though? Or is that how they asked them to do it?”

I shook my head. “I doubt that. I can’t believe he thought I was jealous of Esther.”

“I like him.” He answered simply.

Peter whacked him by the arm. “Why won’t you? He said you are perfect for Donnie, and he thinks you’re cool.”

“Please play the next video. This is starting to get interesting.” Dotun smiled.

I played the next video and it was a young girl. We all kept quiet and listened to her talk, and describe my life in a minute video.

“Why do they all appreciate a mean Luke? Come on, do chicks dig that shit?” Dotun asked me.

“Watch your language young man. And I don’t know. At least she acknowledged Tonia hates me, even though she got my surname wrong.”

“Why is no one talking about me?” Dolapo whined. “Play the next one abeg.”

I laughed before playing the next video. It was of a guy that looked, spoke, and sounded like a mini Peter. We all turned to look at a surprised Peter before bursting into laughter.

“Why do they keep getting our surname wrong?” Dotun raised his hands in exasperation.

“Did he just say he hates me?” Peter asked.

We all laughed at the incredulous expression on his face.

“The one guy that looks like you thinks you’re annoying.” Luke said in between laughs.

“At least, he didn’t call him a brostitute.” Femi said, and we all turned to look at Dolapo.

Dolapo gave a self-satisfied smirk instead. “That little contestant dude is just jealous he’s not getting laid.”

“So, a win for bro Luke. He’s on your side.” Dotun smiled at Luke while the latter just shook his head and said nothing.

I played the next video and a boy in white came up.
“Why is he playing music?” Femi asked while rolling his eyes.

“You’re just jealous he’s Team Luke.” Peter stuck his tongue out at Femi.

“Don’t be an idiot.” Femi gave him the middle finger before turning to look at me. “Please play the next video please. Hopefully, something less cringey.”

I played the next video, and before I could sit properly again, the girl was already done with two sentences.

“Damn! Slow down darling. Why is she rushing?” Luke asked.

I on the other hand, I was angry. “Why do they keep changing my surname?”

“Adeola Donatella Adegboyega!” Peter, the annoying toad started laughing.

I hissed and played the next video instead. A girl in African pattern cloth came on screen. We all kept quiet and listened to her. Everyone laughed when she said I didn’t like being called Donatella. At least she got my name right.

Peter started chortling when the video ended. “She said you have a big mouth oh.”

“Femi, please, hit that thing.” I begged Femi.

Femi whacked Peter on the head and I was happy, until Dotun decided to open his own big mouth.

“She said you have a crush on Bro Femi. Is that true?”

I glared at him. “My friend shut your big mouth.”

Before anyone could say anything, I quickly played the next video, and to say I was immediately blown away was an understatement.

I started laughing like an imbecile when she described Tonia’s traits. Seemingly perfect, conniving, manipulative, and over-sabi. Oh my loving Jesus!

“I don’t contest with Tonia though. In case you’re wondering.”

“They said you have sizzling undercurrent for Bro Femi.” Dotun started again.

“For the last time, Dotun Adegboye, keep your mouth shut.”

“So, you think I’m handsome and arrogant eh?” This time it was Luke facing me, with an arrogant smirk on his annoyingly perfect face. Kill me God!

“Ask the girl she said so, not me.”

“Because you think so.” He smirked again.


Everyone laughed, apparently my discomfort was interesting to them. Dolapo came to my rescue though. “She’s so sharp and funny. How far Donnie, wetin be her name?”

“It says Abigail, and no, you’re not getting her number.” Trust Dolapo to only look out for his eggplant.

“Yes, she’s more around my age.” Dotun chirped in.

Femi smiled gently at him. “Dotun, I don’t think she’s 18. She’s definitely older than you are.”

Dotun grumbled under his breath, but I was unconcerned. “I just hope she wins. She’s so good.”

I played the next video. It was a guy, licking his lips, forming accent, and talking about my love life being fake. Ouch Uzoma!

“He say na entanglement.” Peter started laughing.

We all ignored him, while I played the next video. It was another guy, describing my situation with Luke and Femi as a love triangle.

“Oh my God, Femi, this guy don open your yansh. E say you love Donnie, but you no know as you wan take tell am.” Dolapo covered his mouth with a hand as he made fun of his friend.

Femi rolled his eyes in obvious annoyance, while I wondered why everyone was deducing femi’s feelings for me from the story. The guy clearly said another had his heart. Didn’t they see that? I turned to look at Luke, but his face was solemn, and it looked like he was deep in thoughts.

I played the next video of a fair guy talking silently, when all we could hear was the cock crowing in the background.

“I swear, that cock is louder than the dude himself.” Dolapo commented.

“Maybe they’re neighbors.” Luke responded.

Everyone suddenly started laughing when the guy said he wished he could marry me. Well, this is awkward.

“Please tell Beatrice to tell him that you’re not his age mate at all at all.” Dotun managed to say in between his bouts of laughter.

“Oh come on, it’s a harmless crush.” Luke replied, even though he was laughing at me too.

“And he called our own Luke a prince charming.” Peter wiggled his eyebrows at Luke, with the latter looking embarrassed from the sudden attention diverted at him.

I decided to help him out by playing the next video. It was a cute young guy, whom I suddenly hated when he called me confused.

We started laughing when he called Tonia a ballon d’or sister of perfection.

“Oh my ribs. Hold me please.” Peter rolled out from his chair in laughter. The guy is really an idiot.

“I love this guy. He hailed me.” Dolapo threw a punch in the air.

“Seriously? Someone called you brostitute and Academos, and you’re happy?” I asked Dolapo.

He smiled with joy at me. “Of course. He mentioned these clowns without a title, but I got one.”

I face-palmed myself and silently asked God for his reasons, for sending me a cachous of stupid friends.

“Before I play the next video, I will like to announce that I am not a jealous lover. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.”

Peter snorted again. “Believe that if it makes you sleep at night Donnie dear.”

I ignored him and played the next video. It was a guy speaking confidently, until he suddenly switched to pidgin in anger.

“Wow, he hates Tonia, doesn’t he?” Dolapo asked.

“Which boyfriend did Anthonia snatch from you?” Luke asked me.

I scowled but I responded nonetheless. “Ben.”

“You dated Ben?”

“Ew no! I liked him when we were in secondary school. But he chose Tonia instead.”

Everyone was silent at first, until Peter broke the peace. “Well, he called Femi a yeye fowl and mumu.”

That burst the dam of laughter again. Everyone knew Femi was angry when the last contestant was insulting him, even though the guy said he liked Femi.

“Please tell me there are no more blasted videos. I want to go inside.” Femi snapped. Poor guy was angry.

I shook my head while trying to control the laughter bubbling inside me. “That’s all.”

“Thank God.” He said, before standing up.

I took his hand, as he walked by me. “Wait, don’t you want to know the winners?”

He turned to look at me with a mirthless smile. “Well, that’s obvious. The Abigail will come first, Mr. Balon d’or will be second, while the rest can drag the remaining positions amongst themselves. Good night Donnie.”

He took his hand from me and walked away from the patio without a backward glance.

“Well, that was awkward.”

“Shut up Dolapo!”

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  1. This bonus chapter, for me, is the most interesting. Getting feedback from the contestants’ assessment of the characters added value to the story narrated in the novel.

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