BFH: Chapter Twenty One

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“Oh my God, I am going to die.” I looked at the wild overlapping waves taking a bite of my flesh, right there at my feet.

It was Saturday, a little moment before noon, and we had just finished breakfast. We had no particular plans for the day, other than the mini cinema after lunch and the popular Adegboye resorts bonfire Saturday. This annual family get-together was the ultimate vacation I never knew I needed. I was so relaxed and happy; well, until right now.

“Calm down, you’re not going to die.” Dolapo adjusted the straps around my snorkel mask.

Yeah, you read that right. Snorkeling. After breakfast, when we were all still lazing around and trying to come up with an activity for our morning, Dolapo generously offered his snorkeling idea. At first, some of us protested, but Peter and Femi, being the idiots they were, urged and basically blackmailed us into accepting the activity.

We went down to the resort’s snorkeling shop to get our snorkeling gear. They included a mask, snorkel, fins, and a swimsuit. Majority of us did not need the swimsuit, because who comes to an ocean resort without a swimsuit? Well, me actually. I had no swimsuit.

So, we got our gears, read instruction manuals, and listened to the boring snorkeling instructor put us through the basics of snorkeling. I’ll be honest; I did not hear a single thing he said. He kept droning on and on like a sad bee until Tonia had to stand up and drag Ben to the beach. We did not need extra motivation than that. The rest of us stood up and followed suit.

I turned to slap Dolapo’s hand away from my mask with a glare. “Yes, I am going to die. And it’ll be your fault. Dying by water was not on my list of ten ways to die.”

He looked amused with my response. “You have a list of ways to die?’

“It’s Donnie.” Femi replied as he passed by us. “Don’t tell me you are surprised. You should be more surprised if she didn’t have one.”

I pointed a finger at him with the leftover glare I packaged originally for Dolapo. “Fashanu, warn yourself.”

He only winked at me with a half-smile, one side of his lips curled up in a sexy smirk. My heart literally skipped a beat. I couldn’t revel in the feeling long enough before Luke’s voice came from a distance. He did not finish breakfast with the rest of us because he had a long conference video call with some of their company’s business associates around the world.

“Why are you ganging up on my baby?” He smiled, looking sinfully delicious in his unbuttoned floral shirt and matching floral shorts.

Dolapo moved away from me slowly, his hands raised in a gesture of surrender. “I give up sah.”

When Luke reached my side, he lowered his head to place a chaste kiss on my lips. Though there was nothing arousing about the lip peck, it still made me uncomfortable, knowing Femi was watching and probably stewing inside.

I gently extracted myself from Luke’s embrace without making it too obvious. I looked up at him to give him a smile to quell his questioning gaze. 

“What are you guys up to? What’s with the fish legs and mouth pipe?” He asked aloud.

“Dumbass.” Peter muttered with his usual mocking smile, as he passed by us with a smiling Nene in tow.

“Misery loves company Peter.” I called after his retreating back. “I know you want him to be a dumbass, so you can have a friend like you.”

He looked back to give me a middle finger, making me laugh.

Dolapo cleared his throat. “To answer your question Luke, they are not fish legs, they are called fins. And the mouth pipe is a snorkel.”

“I’m guessing it’s snorkeling and not scuba diving then.”

Dolapo looked at him like he grew horns on his head. The expression was comical, making me giggle. “Scuba diving?”

Luke shrugged.

“You know, for a guy that went to an Ivy League school, you can sometimes be dense.” Ben’s voice came from somewhere behind us. He was helping Tonia arrange her gear before shooking mouth in our conversation.

Luke’s jaw ticked. A sign of his irritation and budding anger. The comment must have offended him more than he could let on. He never liked it when someone implied he was dumb. I guess it came from constantly hearing the stereotype that rich kids and company heirs are dumb undeserving people. 

He faced Ben with a sugary smile on his face. “What profit did Alphabet amass and what was their turnover during the last quarter?”

Ben looked stupefied. “What?”

“Well, you seem to think you know everything.” Luke waved a nonchalant hand. “So, shine your wisdom on us sir.”

It was the turn of Ben’s jaw to tick. Tonia looked awkward standing beside him, not knowing how to come to her boyfriend’s aid. I actually felt embarrassed on their behalf. I silently urged my brain to remind me to never get on Luke’s bad side. 

“I don’t know what that is.” Ben finally responded silently.

“Well, for someone who attended Delta State University, you seem perpetually devoid of knowledge.” Luke shot back.

Dolapo had to come between them, his hands stretched out on either side of him. “Yeesh, calm your testosterones both of you.”

Tonia dragged Ben with her towards the far end of the snorkeling arena, while Luke’s puffed out chest deflated visibly.

“Hey Luke, aren’t you going to join us in snorkeling?” Femi asked him, coming back towards us.

Luke shook his head. “No, I’ll just go do something else inside.”

“Why?” Femi’s curiosity persisted.

“Because he has a phobia for large bodies of water.” I answered. I was thankful that Luke had let that tidbit of information slip during one of our goofing sessions

Dolapo being his usual self did not hesitate before he started laughing. Femi was trying to hold it together, but Dolapo’s raucous sounds eventually won him over. I looked at Luke, expecting him to be offended, but he actually joined the laughing fest.

Dolapo pointed towards our apartments. “Oya, go and join Dotun inside. Na una dey fear water together.

“Association of big babies.” Femi added.

Luke leaned again to give me a kiss. “I’ll see you inside baby. Have fun.”

“That’s if I don’t die soon.” I grumbled.

“Don’t be a drama queen Donnie.” Dolapo rolled his eyes. “Snorkeling hasn’t killed anyone.”

I raised an eyebrow. 

“Well, it has, but not that many.” He reiterated. 

Luke smiled and walked away. Femi came towards me almost immediately.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you. I won’t let Dolapo kill you.”

I returned his smile with a matching grin. “Thank you. Let’s begin before my liver fails me abeg.”

He moved closer to me and placed his hands around me to put my mask into place. “First, you check for the snugness and tightness. Snorkeling feels good when the mask is snug and wet, but not slippery.”

Oh my God, I have a dirty mind.

When he was sure my mask was okay, he gestured for me to put the snorkel in my mouth. “Place your lips around it tightly, don’t clamp your teeth around the rubber part, and let it stay in your mouth perfectly.”

I need Jesus.

“Now put on your fins and make sure they don’t slip off your feet. You’ll need the fins for protecting your feet from the water hazards.”

I bent down on a knee to put on my fins, and they were thankfully perfect. I gave him a thumbs up to show I was ready, seeing as the snorkel in my mouth wasn’t letting me talk.

“Let’s go to the shallow end to practice.” 

I tried to walk but the ridiculous shape of the fins made me stumble. I giggled and the snorkel fell out of my mouth.

“Be careful.” Femi caught my arm, his hot hands scorching my ocean sensitive skin. The wind on the beach blew, making me shiver immediately.

He rubbed his hands on my exposed arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their trail. “Wow, your arms are full of goosebumps. Are you cold? Do you want to go in?”

I shook my head, unable to form a coherent sentence. All thoughts had flown from my head at that particular moment. Very smooth Donnie.

“Okay then.” He dropped the hands on my arms down to my waist, and I died inside. “Let me carry you to the water, so you won’t fall and faceplant yourself before we get to the main activity.

I finally found my voice and I moved away from his hold. “Oh no, you don’t have to worry, I’ll just take off the fins and walk down there barefooted.”

He looked amused but undeterred. “I insist Donnie. Let me do this for you.”

“Yeah, let him do you Donnie.” Dolapo inputted with a mischievous grin on his mischievous face.

Femi turned to glare at him. “I didn’t say I wanted to do her.”

Dolapo’s grin was unwavering. “Ha, but you didn’t need to say it. I know you want to do her.”

Femi shook his head. “I’ll deal with you later.” He turned back to face me. “As for you missy…” He scooped me off the ground in one swoop. “I’m carrying you to the water.”

I started wriggling, but Femi was not bothered. It was almost as if I weighed nothing in his arms. “Put me down Fashanu.”

He did not dignify my protests with a response, instead he remained focused on his goal. I could see Peter and Nene in the water, though I could only see the top end of their snorkel, but I knew they were the ones. I looked to the other end of the beach and I saw someone looking at Femi and I. Tonia was standing on a rock, her gaze felt piercing, and all I could hear in my head was the sound of her voice.

“You’re a hypocrite Tella.”


I was tired after the whole snorkeling ordeal. It was fun, and I saw lots of creatures underwater, but it was tiring nonetheless. I reeked of salt water and I needed a shower. I was on my way back to the room I shared with Luke when a door opened to my right. Tonia stepped out of the room.

I stopped in my tracks and she looked surprised to see me. I guess she was not expecting anyone in the hallway at that moment. She regained her composure immediately, and gave me her usual feline smile.

“Well, if it isn’t my two-timing step sister.”


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