Boyfriend For Hire : Chapter Twelve

He sighed loudly before dignifying my curiosity with a response. “It’s Ebhojie.”

“And what’s so difficult about that, I mean, it’s not like….” I suddenly caught sight of the signed form on the open file beside me on the bed. “Wait a minute, you are related to the owners of the African Oasis?”

“Yes” His voice was almost a whisper, but I could hear him clearly.

A lot of things suddenly made sense


Narrating Thriller video from my perspective. So, if I were the girl Michael Jackson took on a date in the … More

Boys Too?

According to available statistics, close family members and neighbours are most likely to be abusive to boys (their sons, siblings, nephews etc.) Some of them blame the act on things they see on the TV, read in magazines or websites; things they hear their friends talk about, etc.