Boyfriend For Hire: Chapter Six

“Yes, No!”
“But why?”
“Because I can say so.”

“Well, that’s just mean.” I folded my arms as I stared at the excruciatingly frustrating man in front of me.

He snorted as he continued typing something on his computer system. “If I am so mean, why are you still standing there?”

“Beats me too.”

He raised his head to look at me, shook it, and continued typing. We were both silent for a little while and it was starting to get awkward.

“You can close the door on your way out.” His tone was dismissive, and it gave no room for arguments.

Well, if you know me, you will know I enjoy doing the exact opposite of what I am supposed to do. Besides, his rebuttal struck my ego, and hurt my feelings. I know I am not a stunning beauty, but he has been rude to me from day 1 and it was starting to feel like a personal vendetta against me.

“Why do you hate me so much?” I pulled a seat in front of him and sat down. Trust me to make myself comfortable after being told to leave.

He sighed loudly, stopped typing, and wiped his face with his palms. “I don’t hate you Donatella. I just don’t particularly like you.”

“Well, that’s comforting.”

He copied my earlier stance, and gently relaxed in his chair, with his arms folded across his chest. “So, is there a reason you’re trespassing in my office?”

“Yeesh! Take a chill pill. So, tell me, why do you not like me?”

“Because you are rude, you called someone you don’t know a dumbass, and you almost made me kill you.” He ticked his fingers as he listed my supposed crimes.

Wow! I’m a criminal.

I raised a hand for him to see. “So, let me get this straight, you’re angry because I, I mean me myself oh, almost got killed?”

“No, I don’t care if you do that, I care about myself. And I don’t fancy spending the rest of my life in jail because an infuriating woman wouldn’t watch where she was going.”

“Oh come on, don’t be so dramatic.” I waved him off.

“No, I am not being dramatic. I could have knocked you down if the car hadn’t stopped in that exact second. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind going to jail for the right cause, but you, madam, aren’t worth a right cause. You’re unimportant, and you don’t even have a face that can warrant such a reaction.” He ranted at me in one breath.

Ouch! That hurt me. I was silent and I couldn’t believe someone who didn’t know me could say so much hateful things about me. Maybe I called him rude and obnoxious, but in my defense, they weren’t to his face.

He must have realized how harsh his words were because his face became apologetic immediately. “Donatella, I’m…”

I raised a hand to cut him short. I stood up, and returned the chair to its place. I sniffed because my eyes were getting red and watering already. Ugh, I can’t believe his words were going to make me cry.

“Save it.” I whispered.

I turned to leave his office, but I had one last thing to say. “You know, I was going to apologize for calling your boss a dumbass, but I got carried away with questioning you. You said I was rude, but the only reason I was rude to you was because you attended to customers with such disdain.”

He tried to cut in, but I raised my hand again.

“Maybe I am truly ugly to you, but at least I don’t have such an ugly attitude. I don’t know how important you think you are, but you’re not worth my life. I didn’t walk in front of your car on purpose. I had a lot on my mind, my head was clanging, and I puked out my guts this morning.”

He was silent, but I was on a roll.

“It’s alright though. I thank you for saying No and sparing me the horror of enduring you for a weekend. I would never want to introduce such a terrible excuse for a polite human to my family. I would rather face the disgrace or find another Luke the Chef for myself. Have a good say Mr. Luke.”

I walked out of his office with what was left of my dignity.

Femi stood up and rounded the table to pull out a chair for me. “Why do you look so glum?”

I shook my head and took the seat he pulled out for me.

“Donnie, I’m not going to sit down until you tell me what happened to you in there.”

“Femi, please”

“Did that Luke guy say something mean to you? I noticed you went in after him.”

“Femi, please sit down. I will tell you later, but right now, I just need to eat.” I took his hands and implored him with my eyes to take a seat.

Femi can be so overprotective of me, and I’ve always wondered why. He returned to his seat and continued staring at me. When he realized I wasn’t going to talk, he signaled a waiter.

“Aunty Teju said I should tell you and Dolapo that you are both invited to the family weekend. You know my aunt won’t take no for an answer.”

“Well, she will have to this time. I have a presentation to oversee with my boss this weekend.”

“Come on Femi. We both know Chibuzor can handle that job.”

“I’m sorry Donnie. Aunty Teju will have to take my no this weekend.”

Before I could say something else, the waiter came. “Good afternoon sir and ma. How may I help you?”

Femi nodded at me to go first. “Give me two plates of spaghetti and fried fish. Add a bottle of chilled water, then make a vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice-cream mix and keep it in the fridge till I’m leaving.”

The waiter wrote it all down, before looking at Femi.

“I’ll take a glazed doughnut please.”

“Just that?” The waiter and I asked at the same time.

Femi laughed and the sound tugged at my heart. Well, that was strange.

“Yes, just that. Please add a bottle of water, not too chilled and not the ordinary temperature either. Just right.”

“Alright sir. I’ll be right back with your orders.” The waiter pocketed his notepad and left us alone.

“Why are you not eating something heavier?”

“I’m watching my weight.” He joked.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Femi, have you seen you? You are perfect and drool worthy. What more do you want?”

He smirked and leaned closer to me. He placed his elbows on the table, and supported his cheeks with his palms. “So, tell me, do I make you drool?”

His weird smile and wriggling eyebrows made me laugh out loud. “Oh my, thank you for making me laugh.”

“You’re welcome baby.”

He sat up and continued smiling. “You still haven’t answered the question though. Do I make you drool?”

“Hmmm” I pretended to be deep in thought. “If I told you that, I’m afraid I’ll have to kill you.”

“Wow, I’m scared.. Donnie wants to kill me.”

“Femi, don’t be an idiot.”

The waiter brought our foods on the tray at that moment. He placed the combined plates of spaghetti, now in one big plate, in front of me with my very chilled water. He placed a small plate of glazed doughnut and a bottle of slightly chilled water in front of Femi.

“Bon Appétit.”

“Merci.” I grinned at him.

He bent beside me and tapped me. “I have a message for you ma’am.”

I was surprised. No one knew me there except Ehis. “What is it?”

He stretched a folded paper at me. “My boss wanted me to give this to you.”

I took it from him and he left. I wondered what was in it and what Ehis wanted.

“What’s that and who’s it from?” Femi the nosey man asked me.

“I haven’t opened it.”

“Well, then open it.”


“Why not?”

“Because I’m going to eat first.”

“You’re impossible.”

“Yes I know darling.”

I picked up my fork and started eating my spaghetti with relish while he looked at me and stewed.

I made sure I ate slowly, making him suffer, before I finally decided to open the message. Truth be told, I was dying of curiosity myself, but torturing Femi was so fun.

“Took you long enough.” He muttered as I dropped my napkin after wiping my mouth.

I took the folded paper and I straightened it. I read what it said and I was suddenly confused and angry at the same time. Who the heck does he think he is?

“What does it say?” Femi asked for the umpteenth time.

I stretched the paper towards him and he took it. He straightened it again, seeing as it folded itself, and he read it out loud.

“Donnie, I’m really sorry about my behaviour earlier. Please let me make it up to you. I don’t have your contact, so I hope you can call me instead. 08136752909 is my number. I’m sorry again. Signed, Luke.”

The human being thinks I’ll actually call him? And what did he mean by making it up to me?

“Donnie what is he talking about?”

“I asked him to be my Luke the Chef, since he is technically Luke the Chef. He said no and then said some mean words to me.”

Femi was visibly angry. “You did what?”

“Femi, you’re not deaf.”

“Why would you ask him? Cuz he’s handsome?”

“Femi, please don’t start with me. It made sense to ask him.”

“So, I’m guessing he wants to make it up to you by agreeing to follow you to the family weekend.” Femi sneered.

“I have no idea Femi.”

We were silent for a few seconds as we ruminated on Luke’s note. Femi was the first to break the silence.

“On second thoughts, I think I’ll take Aunty Teju’s offer. I’m coming to the family weekend.”

“Why do I have a feeling you’re coming to spy on Luke and I?”

“Oh, so you are considering calling him?”

“Femi, I don’t know. Look, can we go settle our tab?”

“Don’t worry, the lunch is on me. I was the one that invited you today.”

I sighed as I stood up and he did too. “Femi, I can take care of my own lunch.”

“Donnie, for once, can you let me feel like a man around you?” He demanded.

Well, that shut me up for good.

“Thank you Femi.”

“You’re welcome Dee. “

As we later walked out of the restaurant, I wondered if I was going to get over my anger and call Luke. My Luke the Chef.


I am really (×10) sorry for the late update. I had a lot on my plate. Thank you for those who understood, and thank you to those that didn’t. Don’t forget to comment and share. Thank you 😍😍

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  1. “On second thoughts, I think I’ll take Aunty Teju’s offer. I’m coming to the family weekend.”

    I saw this coming…

    Well done wifey, more ink to your pen, more pages to your hand..

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